The report brought to light the underling circumstances that have led to the marginalization and inequalities that continue to exist between Canada’s Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Our belief here at ITFC is that income is one of the most important social determinants of health and so, the focus of our inclusion network, is to create an environment where Indigenous people, communities and businesses can engage and be engaged, by Canada’s public and private sector.

Our team has an intimate knowledge of the barriers and challenges that have impeded the economic growth of Indigenous communities and businesses, they also have an incredible understanding of the opportunity that exists within Canada’s Indigenous community.

Our economic inclusion network takes a wholistic approach to economic capacity building and provides an opportunity for all businesses in Canada to be engaged. In resolutions put forward by organizations like the Assembly of First Nations, the Canadian Chambers of Commerce, Construction Associations and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities there is an underlying theme, we must and we should further engage economically Canada’s Indigenous business community, Indigenous people and their businesses.

This “inclusion network” is focused on creating an environment for economic success! As a member of the platform you will have an opportunity to build economic partnerships, create jobs, explore new markets and most importantly take action by responding to the Calls to Action as we as a country strike a balance based on respect and understanding.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report sent a message. Its time for change!