"Indigenous Communities recommending Indigenous Children"

A special smile!
There is a smile that often goes unnoticed when a child is told for the first time that their wish is going to come true.

It’s the smile on the face of parents or guardians that have unselfishly cared for and loved the child so unconditionally!

As a “wish father” I can tell first hand the joy a family experiences watching their son or daughter, brother or sister, experience a moment of happiness that lights up their life. From the very concept of this platform, I knew that creating wishes for Indigenous children with critical illness was going to be very important.

Walter Deagle,
Founder, ITFC


How it works?
Our role is to utilize our platform to identify potential Nahihtamowin children. Critically ill Indigenous children must be recommended by an Indigenous community who are members of the platform. Please note -Indigenous communities participate free on the platform so there is no cost to recommend a child. The dashboard area of the community member has all the links and forms to recommend a child.

Reconciliation takes many forms and although the primary focus of ITFC is on economic reconciliation and the building of partnerships, we can do more!

"Making it easy to do the right thing!!"
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