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Its Time for Change, (ITFC), provides a robust recruitment option for employers all across Canada. A service provided to members at no additional fees!

    We make it easy to:

  • Publish your job opportunity
  • Post, edit and manage job opportunities
  • Promote your brand and company
  • Find your next great asset

Procurement Opportunities

There are procurement opportunities you will not find posted on the “normal channels” we can help you identify them and even better make sure you don’t miss them!

    We make it easy to request:

  • Preferred Vendor Status
  • Procurement Notifications
  • Standing Offer Eligibility
  • Project Announcements

Supplier Development Initiative

ITFC has a great solution for you within our supplier development initiative

    We make it easy to:

  • Market your company or organization
  • Share your comprehensive profile
  • Create awareness of your products and service offerings
  • Connect you with customers/client base

Join the Freelance Indigenous Community!

ITFC will find the right “FIT” for your company. A freelance worker with specific skills in the category of your choosing or an Artist ready to be commissioned for the next corporate gift of office décor.

ITFC makes it easy to connect.

Our Holistic Approach: “more for less.”

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Welcome our new members

Nahihtamowin - Members working together to create smiles!

Imagine for a moment an economy where engagement and inclusion replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Nahihtamowin is a Cree word when translated means “the act of listening to someone’s wishes” and represents the focus of our corporate social responsibility program.


When a wish is granted, a child replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. These are shared goals of ITFC, its membership & Make a Wish Foundation! Join us today and together we will create life changing wishes for children with critical illnesses!

Indigenous Inclusion

    Who’s it for?

  • Its for Indigenous communities who believe that their socioeconomic goals will be achieved through the creation of enterprises, partnerships, products, and services that will respond to unmet or under satisfied needs of the community.
  • For the 94% of Canadian businesses that have NOT realized the potential of working with, selling to or hiring an Indigenous person, business or community!
  • For those who seek employment in the traditional or non-traditional work environment.
  • For employers struggling to find people.

    Areas We Can Help You & Your Organization

  • Discover the opportunity that exists working with and for Indigenous Canadians and their communities.
  • The government of Canada’s effort to enhance the economic well being of Canada’s Indigenous community through the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business has failed to deliver the benefits it had anticipated. We are changing that!
  • Canada’s labor shortage continues to increase while the unemployment of Indigenous peoples is five times higher than the national average. We are bridging the gap!

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