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Recruitment Services

Relevance matters!

Get 5 relevant referrals rather than 500 irrelevant ones!
ITFC members enjoy a free, innovative and relevant “end to end” recruitment platform that employers have been waiting for! ITFC will help you find your next critical hire to grow your company! Let's get started

Job Seekers:

In a fast-paced, very competitive job market ITFC provides the change in approach that makes job hunting more functional! ITFC will post jobs but more importantly ITFC will help you find the jobs that are not advertised! Before you view jobs make sure you are registered.


Procurement Opportunities

ITFC can help you find procurement opportunities not posted on the "normal channels" so you don't miss them!

    We make it easy to request:

  • Preferred Vendor Status
  • Procurement Notifications
  • Standing Offer Eligibility
  • Project Announcements

Indigenous Business Database

ITFC's Supplier Development Initiative will help governments fulfill their mandate to procure 5% of goods and services from Indigenous suppliers by building a database of Indigenous businesses and service providers.

    A more functional database of Indigenous businesses will:

  • Develop a stronger supply chain.
  • Connect businesses to new markets.
  • Build a stronger economy.

Find an Indigenous Freelancer!

ITFC will find the right “FIT” for your company. A freelance worker with specific skills in the category of your choosing or an Artist ready to be commissioned for the next corporate gift of office décor.

Join the Freelance Indigenous Community!

ITFC - Angel Network!

Indigenous business is strategically positioned to benefit from "impact investing" all over the world. There is undeniable Change in the way people are investing, and ITFC is connecting potential investors with Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand.

    Let ITFC help you:

  • Communicate Your Idea/Concept
  • Identify Investors
  • Create your “pitch”

Nahihtamowin - Members working together to create smiles!

Imagine for a moment an economy where engagement and inclusion replace fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. Nahihtamowin is a Cree word when translated means “the act of listening to someone’s wishes” and represents the focus of our corporate social responsibility program.


When a wish is granted, a child replaces fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope. These are shared goals of ITFC, its membership & Make a Wish Foundation! Join us today and together we will create life changing wishes for children with critical illnesses!

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