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Jobs(Employment) Services

While our membership benefits from a no cost solution to digital job placement, the Canadian public benefits from the comprehensive profiles of job opportunities they post!

    We make it easy to:

  • Publish your job opportunity
  • Post, edit and manage job opportunities
  • Promote your brand and company
  • Find your next great asset

Procurement Opportunities

A whole new world of procurement opportunities exists for our members. We “push” new opportunities to our members using our alerts and notifications.

    We make it easy & accessible to:

  • Create unparallel awareness of opportunity
  • Post, edit and manage and share procurement opportunities
  • Target members to receive alerts and notifications
  • Connect buyers and sellers

Canadian Supplier Base

Marketing your business to the rest of Canada. We help identify your company as a potential supplier within Canada’s Supply Chain! Its about your contribution to, and stake in Canada’s new economy.

    We make it easy to:

  • Market your company or organization
  • Share your comprehensive profile
  • Create awareness of your products and service offerings
  • Connect you with customers/client base

Capacity Building

When you have an additional 700 business development and economic development officers at your fingertips, building capacity is a great deal easier!

    We make it easy to:

  • Access & use online tools for your business
  • Access a customized dashboard
  • Search network partners
  • Join local, regional and national reconciliation efforts

Can you benefit from the following?

Economic Ambassadors

Indigenous Youth Summer Employment Initiative

Value Proposition

The inclusion network is providing an unprecedented value proposition! Our holistic approach to building economy offers all businesses across Canada an opportunity to participate!

We save you money, help make you money and grow your business!

    We can save you:

  • Thousands of dollars we won't charge you to become your new business and economic development officer
  • Thousands if not tens of thousands in costs associated with the cost of digital job placements on other platforms.
  • Thousands you will not have to pay to search procurement opportunities
  • Mountains of time by providing a unique search capability providing the information you need.

    Areas We Can Help You & Your Organization

  • Canada’s private sector is unaware of the economic opportunity that is being revealed within Canada’s Indigenous community. Literally billions in spending!
  • Benefit from and often interpret the advantages of federal programming like the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business including set asides!
  • Access a local, regional and national labor pool responding to the labor shortage Canada is now experiencing.
  • Mountains of time by providing a unique search capability providing the information you need.

Your company now has access to an experienced team with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the barriers, challenges and most importantly the opportunity

that is waiting for you! Put us to work today!

Canada a community of giving:


Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts focus on Indigenous children with critical illness. Nahihtamowin is a Cree word that means “the act of listening to someone’s wishes” and we are! Indigenous communities who are members of the inclusion network can recommend a child for a wish!

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Our Partnerships:

  • Indigenous Centre of Excellence- Economic Development
  • Cities and Environment Unit-Dalhousie University
  • Nahihtamowin

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