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We as a company are strategically positioned to offer an economic engagement strategy to the 94% of Canadian companies that don’t have one, or facilitate the 53% of Canadian companies who are interested in our “intangible asset” to further their economic interest.

Building your brand on Canada’s #1 ranked inclusion and engagement platform is good business!

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What you want to say and how you want to say it?

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Expandable Ads

A blanket approach to the viewing public on the national platform. In reality there are those who benefit a great deal from ads like this but it is those who have a brand awareness and a national presence, like the BMO ads! If your selling Pizza in Moosejaw, advertising in Halifax Nova Scotia is not going to do you a great deal, unless of course its that good and Johnny R. likes it enough to fly it in and paid for the flight! It’s been known to happen!

Network Partner Ads

We offer all of the National coverage but target consumers from their IP address allowing us to send to them your ad! So, if someone is logging onto the site from Moosejaw looking for information regarding one of our partners or communities, we will show them your Pizza ad.

Campaign Ads

This is a very specific ad campaign. Usually about a specific product or service that is available for a specific period of time. A launch of something, a special initiative, a conference or event. This is a specifically designed campaign and marketed to the audience you determine.

Pay for Real Results


$120 / 3,000 Impressions

Available in all regions of Turtle Island

Up to 3,000 Impressions or 3 months

Standard and Expandable advertisement

Random Display from Database

Provincial or National exposure

Analytic reports


$240 / 7,000 Impressions

A more aggressive approach to advertising

Up to 7,000 Impressions or 6 months

Network Partner ad in addition to standard and expandable ads

Targeted Display for platform Members in multiple dashboards

Provincial or National exposure

Analytic reports


$360 / 10,000 Impressions

Symbolically the Eagle is off great significance

Key word association

Up to 10,000 Impressions or 12 months

Lead magnet page

Multiple dashboard

Targeted Provincial and National exposure

Analytic reports

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