"About Us!"


Our insightful staff is committed to facilitate economic growth and opportunity through a process of inclusion and engagement with Indigenous Canadians, their communities and their businesses.

Sharing an intimate knowledge and understanding of the traditional barriers and challenges that inhibit economic development provides the framework for the inclusion and engagement network.

It is our understanding of what hasn’t worked that allows us to bring forward something we believe will work!



ITFC, with member communities all across Canada, will take a leadership role in the development of a network that reflects a holistic approach to sustainable economic development.

Learning from the past we can create a culture of sharing, develop processes that work and build an economy where everyone can benefit!


ITFC will actively work to develop relationships that create jobs, develop partnerships and foster collaborations.

We will continue to develop the network accommodating the needs of our members while adapting to the realities that can be imposed upon us at any given time.



ITFC will advocate for its members! Between members and governments at all levels.

Our unwavering support for both the Indigenous community and Canada’s business community will be evident in the tools we offer our members, the network we will amass and the opportunity we identify!

"Making it easy to do the right thing!!"