"About Us!"

Sharing Opportunity

ITFC is about sharing economic opportunity with businesses, communities and individuals. Across Canada organizations, companies, both big and small, have told us that they “wish” they had known about this or that opportunity. ITFC is making sure that members are made aware of these opportunities and how to participate.


Sharing a Network

ITFC is about sharing a network so that business can grow, develop partnerships and participate in a new era of economic opportunity. ITFC’ “Supplier Development Initiative” has been designed to assist members, both Indigenous and non- indigenous connect with each other to meet the needs of Canadians in all sectors.

Sharing Knowledge

ITFC is about sharing knowledge. If we are to have a truly inclusive and engaged economy, we must get to know each other better and understand the intricacies of doing business. iTFC has designed the platform to allow non-indigenous organizations and businesses to “get to know” Indigenous communities across Canada. The ITFC comprehensive community profiles is a way for Canada’s business community to get to know these communities, their current and planned economic activities and how to partner with them.


Sharing Strengths

ITFC is about connecting members with communities and business where a new “capacity to deliver” on projects did not exist before. The collective capacity can strategically position the “newco” or “partnership” to participate on the many procurement opportunities federally or provincially.

"ITFC is About Sharing Future Opportunities"