"Having the potential to revolutionize Indigenous procurement in Canada"

    Factors contributing to exponential growth!

  • Government commitment to 5%
  • Settlement of major Land Claims!
  • Narrowing the Infrastructure Gap

    A wholistic approach to procurement!

  • Request for Tenders
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Invitations to Collaborate

TD did a study four years ago to identify the size of the Indigenous market- they determined the dollar value to be $31.6 billion dollars! As this unique market grows and it is, we will identify and inform our members on a daily basis!

Opportunity does not recognize lines that we call boarders! In today's digital world we can identify opportunity that you will not find anywhere else! With ease of use, our dashboard will become your most effective business development officer!

What you can expect as a member!

Alerts and Notifications

We will send to our members alerts and notifications based on criteria you choose. Taking the worry of missing an opportunity away!

Opportunity Identification

We will comb the country for procurement opportunities originating from Indigenous communities and businesses, create a profile of the opportunity and publish it within our network for our members.


View, Post and Manage an array of procurement functions that are relevant to your business and organizational needs!

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