The ITFC advantage and what communities and business can expect!

The indigenous market, (people, communities and their businesses), represent a significant untapped customer base for those who wish to supply the goods and services that will be consumed when investments are made to close the infrastructure gap that exists between Indigenous and non indigenous communities. Investments required in industry to transition to a carbon neutral economy will create new opportunities for inclusion and engagement.


    The 5% Agenda-What’s Missing?

    The current mandate and collaboration of several government departments to achieve the goal of having 5% of all government spending will have a significant impact on the growth and sustainability of Indigenous business. Within the procurement continuum ITFC believes what’s missing is a national directory of Indigenous businesses and a platform that shares and matches procurement opportunities.

Supplier diversity programs that promote an inclusive approach to procurement play a significant role in addressing social injustice. ITFC is taking a leadership role in identifying, engaging and connecting Indigenous communities and Indigenous businesses with non-Indigenous business community.

Opportunity does not recognize lines that we call boarders! In today's digital world we can identify opportunity that you will not find anywhere else! With ease of use, our dashboard will become your most effective business development officer!

What you can expect as a member!

Building capacity

ITFC will connect Indigenous communities and businesses in an effort to build specific capacities that can respond to imminent opportunities both regionally and nationally!

Alerts and Notifications

Procurement opportunities exist, when you read about contract awards its already too late- ITFC will provide alerts and notifications of both opportunities and requests to partner from companies willing to share their capacity in an effort to capitalize on procurement opportunities.

Supply Chain Awareness

Once established ITFC will make sure your known! If they do not know you exist, how can they buy from you! We will make that happen!

When procurement is done effectively within an engaged economy, we have the opportunity to change the socio-economic conditions of Indigenous people.