If, however, you belonged to a network that delivered you advanced notice of an opportunity chances are you will capitalize on it!

Business Network

Our holistic approach to economic capacity building is not just about providing a network that allows you to profile your business, manage and post jobs, access and post procurements opportunities, it's also about providing insight into daily opportunities to grow your business.

Canada is a vast country with a diverse economy! To always know what’s happening is challenging in and of itself, so we decided to help!

Ronnie Milsap wrote in one of his songs, “I’ve Got 20-20 vision but only looking back”

The ITFC inclusion network is your eyes and ears for future opportunities across multiple sectors and regions. Utilizing push alert notifications, we can identify opportunities, match them with your core service or product offerings and drop them in your email basket!

Its Time For Change- providing the insight you need to grow your business sustainably!