Our online strategy focuses on the building of relationships and provision of services that lead to sustainable economic growth. We are working with you and providing an Alternative!

No Cost Alternatives:

We provide a no cost alternative solution for employers who currently use platforms like Indeed, Career Beacon, Zip Recruiter to advertise for workers! We provide a client-side capability to manage these functions, and we do not charge, (beyond membership), for these services.

Procurement Opportunities
We provide a no cost solution to identify procurement opportunities you may not be aware of! This year alone the government of Canada announced a 4.7 billion dollar Indigenous spend- You can be involved!

Members Dashboard
From our dashboard you will have many easy to use and functional capabilities. Imagine the ability to use specific filters to identify communities, organizations or businesses who can use your product and services.

Search communities, discover who they are and the opportunities they represent!

Drilling down on job placements:
But we do more!

Using Push Technologies!
We don’t wait for someone to drop by! We will “push out your opportunities” to support both sides of this equation! Identifying specific targeted audiences, we can target jobs and valuable offers of goods, services and partnerships that enhance the procurement process and effectiveness.

As a member you will have access to a wide array of online services that will assist in all our efforts to build a more inclusive economy.