ITFC - Platform for Indigenous Inclusion

Michelle Cameron, Dreamcatcher Promotions , shared a sentiment that Indigenous businesses across the country feel, Reconciliation is central to her success:
"It is everything," she said. "It is the foundation of how we grow as a community — not just the Indigenous community, but all of us. We all play a part in reconciliation and doing business and moving forward."

Darrell Brown owns Kisik Commercial Furniture. He says Indigenous-owned businesses can be just as competitive as others, if given the chance. Refer to the CBC article :

"We know how to do business. We're very good at it. All we need is the door open, and you listen to us and give us a chance, and we'll show you what we can do."


When you have the opportunity to witness first hand the opportunity that exists working with Indigenous communities the decision to become involved is obvious, the who what when where and why/ how, maybe not so much. In an effort to build a better more inclusive and engaged Canadian economy, ITFC will explain and shed light on the 700+ Indigenous communities and 55,000+ Indigenous businesses that make up the Who. ITFC will connect interested parties across a multitude of industries to pursue economic opportunity, the What. The When is now and every day from this day forward as we continue to illuminate todays and tomorrow’s opportunities. The Where is all across Canada and the Why is because its not only the right thing to do it’s the smart thing to do.
Now the most important part! The How?
ITFC welcomes you to become part of a journey of inclusion and engagement. As a participating member of the platform, you will join a community whose actions speak louder than words. As a member you will be the recipient of an unprecedented value proposition, not only for the wholistic services we provide but the savings you will incur and the future growth opportunities that lie ahead.

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