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Date: 07 November 2022

Land claims settlement cannot hold back the water for Peguis

"Through key strategic investments, to become a self-sustainable economic development entity that will provide returns and benefits to the membership of Peguis First Nation."

Mission Statement

At the turn of the 20th century, land just northeast of Winnipeg was known as the St. Peter's Reserve, is now home to the city of Selkirk. The Indigenous People of St. Peter's were successful farmers, but an idea persisted among settlers that First Nations were incapable of using the land properly. The pressure and resentment on the part of the settler population grew in 1907 to remove Indigenous peoples from productive, valuable land and they set about to trick and fraudulently gain this good land. An illegal vote was held, which has since been overturned in and a land claims settlement was accepted in 2009. The Peguis First Nations of Treaty 1 were moved onto a flood prone area of Manitoba. Every year since they face the daunting task of trying to control spring floods and constantly repairing damages. Approximately 10,300 proud and unwavering People have rebuilt their lives, their homes, their wellness facilities, schools and business from the ground and water up. The illegal vote held in 1907 has since been overturned after 10 years of diligent negotiation whereby a land claims settlement was accepted in 2009.

A Trust to manage the settlement as well as the Chief Peguis Investment Corp was formed.

The 5 key investment areas are retail, wholesale, residential, commercial and philanthropic. Peguis has established a 3.71 Urban Reserve in the city of Winnipeg, MB. This land designation will advance opportunities for economic development and employment for First Nation members, allowing for greater autonomy.

Quick Facts

Nation Peguis
Province territory Manitoba
Chief Chief Glenn Hudson
Address PO Box 10 Peguis, MB R0C 3J0
Phone 204-645-2359
General Email PegBand.Admin@peguisfirstnation.ca, PegBand.HR@peguisfirstnation.ca

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