Date: 24-June-2022

$1.3 billion land claim settlement

Settlement will create new opportunities to invest in community, culture, and economic development projects.

“Settling this case, which dates back to 1910, is long overdue for the People of Siksika Nation. I want to make that clear: Canada is not giving $1.3 billion to Siksika. Canada is righting a wrong committed over a century ago when Canada illegally took 115,000 acres of lands provided to Siksika along with other illegal acts. Now that this case has been settled, the compensation from the settlement can assist Siksika to develop true financial sovereignty and provide more opportunities for our People. This case was filed in 1960 under Chief Clarence McHugh and many leaderships and technicians have worked tirelessly over several decades to see this day come to fruition. I want to take the time to share my gratitude for the leaders that came before us and other ancestors who help build the foundation we stand upon today.”

Chief Ouray Crowfoot, Siksika Nation

Blackfoot Treaty Flats, the location of the signing ceremony, is where Blackfoot Treaty (Treaty 7) was signed in 1877 between the Government of Canada and five First Nations, including the Siksika Nation. The 1910 Surrender Claim concerns 115,000 acres of Siksika’s Reserve and certain mineral rights taken by Canada. The settlement today also addresses longstanding claims related to the Bow River Irrigation District, the Canadian Pacific Railway Claim, and other land-based historical grievances. Under the settlement, Siksika can acquire over time up to 115,000 acres of land for addition to their reserve land base on a willing-seller/willing-buyer basis. There are a number of steps to be completed before land is given reserve status, including consultations with municipalities and other Indigenous groups. The land claim was first filed by Siksika Nation in court in 1960. In 2008, exploratory talks began between Siksika Nation and Canada to resolve these matters outside of the courts. In November 2021, negotiators for the parties initialed a settlement agreement. In December 2021, Siksika Nation members approved the settlement in a community vote. Over 77 per cent of eligible voters who voted were in favour of the settlement. In April 2022, Siksika Nation and Canada signed the settlement.

Siksika Today

Siksika Nation is governed by one Chief and twelve Councillors elected every three years by the voting membership of Siksika Nation. Siksika Nation Chief and Council are accountable and report to the members of the Siksika Nation. The Office of Siksika Nation Chief and Council strive to maintain positive working relationships with all Nation departments, municipal, federal, provincial, international governments, and other stakeholders. Siksika Nation Chief and Council provides leadership, vision and direction in responding to the needs and aspirations of the community, while being committed to open and transparent flow of communication between members and leadership.

Quick Facts

Nation Siksika Nation
Province territory Alberta
Chief Ouray Crowfoot
Address P.O. Box 1100 Siksika, AB T0J 3W0
Phone 1-403-734-5109 or 1-403-734-5102
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