Cross Lake Cree Nation

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First Nation

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The Current Chief:

David Monias

The # of Councilors:

8 councilors

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Tribal Council Affiliation:

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council

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R0B 0J0



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About Community

Cross Lake First Nation is a band of Cree First Nations people in Canada governed under the Indian Act. Its members occupy several reserves within the town of Cross Lake situated on the east shore of Cross Lake in the province of Manitoba. In May 2021, its recorded registered membership was 9,058, of which 6,293 people lived on their own reserve. Cross Lake is the principal community of the Pimicikamak indigenous people that made a treaty with the British Crown in 1875. The indigenous language of the band members is Woods Cree.

David Monias's Message

Our vision at Crosslake Band is to create a world where every person and every creature is able to thrive in a healthy, sustainable environment. We strive to achieve this by advocating for policies and practices that protect the natural world and promote social and economic justice. At Crosslake Band, we take a holistic approach to environmental advocacy. We recognize that the health of the planet is interconnected with the health of society and the economy. Therefore, we work to promote solutions that address environmental, social, and economic challenges simultaneously.

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