Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

First Nation

Also Known as :
Closest City/Town :
Fort Chipewyan
Province :
Name of Current Chief :
Chief Allan Adam
Band Number :
Tribal Council :
Athabasca Tribal Council Limited
Cultural affiliation :


As a “band” under the Indian Act, we have eight Reserves set aside for our use and enjoyment under the Indian Act: Chipewyan 201, Chipewyan 201A, Chipewyan 201B, Chipewyan 201C, Chipewyan 201D, Chipewyan 201E, Chipewyan 201F, and Chipewyan 201G. Our reserve lands are located on the south shore of Lake Athabasca, on the Athabasca Delta, and on the Athabasca River. We have a total registered population of approximately 1200 people. Approximately one third of our membership lives in Fort Chipewyan, a large percentage live in Fort McMurray, and some in Fort McKay and Fort Smith, NWT.