Serpent River First Nation

Our Community and Strategic Location - The Serpent River First Nation, a signatory to the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850, is an Anishinaabe First Nation in the Canadian province of Ontario, located midway between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury along the North Channel of Lake Huron.

Economic Opportunities and Priorities

To continue to build on the assets of the community, seek partnerships and collaborations that maximise the benefit of those assets for the community members.

Community Capacity and Commitment

The Serpent River First Nation Economic Development Corporation (SRFNEDC) is an entity owned by the Community of Serpent River First Nation. The economic development team continues to work on various economic development initiatives to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and the band membership. The SRFNEDC assists in cultivating viable business opportunities and uses the mindful triple bottom line accounting approach to do business. This triple bottom line is exclusive of the environment, the people and the economy. The SRFNEDC Board of Directors along with the staff strive to advance sustainable revenue streams for the Serpent River First Nation.

Our vision of the future

To build on the previous reports and community development decisions by cultivating viable business opportunities on treaty lands, traditional territories, and wherever they may be found to ensure the growth of sustainable revenue streams that improve the quality of life for community members while being respectful of the traditions
To judiciously and thoughtfully serve the vision and mission of the Serpent River First Nation by constantly striving to promote and enhance financial and economic self-sufficiency for the community and all its members

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