Sweat Lodge Technologies Inc.

Company History/Highlights - Our corporate name was prayed upon by the Elders and our vision was deemed to be authentic.

A former Prime Minister stated, “the future of Indigenous Canada is one of our most pressing economic challenges – and it is without a doubt our greatest social dilemma. But it is solvable.
We believe that it is more than “solvable”, we believe that the Canadian economy will experience unprecedented growth and Canada’s Indigenous community is going to play a major role. In 2018 we incorporated and embarked on developing a holistic solution to further engage Canada’s Indigenous community. Our efforts took us across Canada, listened to both the Indigenous and business communities and built a network where engagement is promoted as one of the pillars that support new sustainable economic growth!

Corporate Message

Sweat Lodge Technologies Inc. is a technology company, federally incorporated, operating and developing innovative national web-based service platform(s).
The flagship initiative www.itstimeforchange.ca focuses entirely on enhanced economic partnerships, cooperation and collaborations that enhance the economic conditions of both Canada’s Indigenous and Business community.

ITFC’s wholistic approach to economic capacity building for both Canada’s business and Indigenous community drives the its time for change network’s comprehensive search functionality. With a focus on awareness, knowledge and understanding of the business processes, procurement opportunities and incentives that that drive growth, jobs and partnerships, the its time for change inclusion network is truly a Canada wide response to the economic calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Products and/or Services

Products and Services:

o Inclusion Networks:
o At Sweatlodge we believe that fostering a culture of inclusion is crucial for improving business performance, continued growth and success. We take a leadership role in creating a supportive environment where full potential can be realized.
o Training Solutions:
o At Sweatlodge we believe that training is an investment! We are investing in people, communities, organizations and in our future! Training elevates all of us to a higher level so that goals and aspirations are achieved.
o Facilitation Services:
o At Sweatlodge we believe our experience will assist you in designing an engagement strategy that furthers your business development goals. Knowledge and insight are critical assets in developing your strategy.

Value Proposition

There is an unprecedented economic opportunity emerging across Canada! Our knowledge, insight and experience can strategically position your company, organization to engage in an effective way with the Indigenous community. The Sweatlodge inspired itstimeforchange economic inclusion network offers an array of services for less than $1.00 per day.
Visit Sweat Lodge Technologies Inc. at http://www.itstimeforchange.ca

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