Our Mission

Canada, like other countries, is experiencing an economic transformation. Indigenous inclusion and engagement are an inescapable reality and yet, 94% of Canadian businesses have not engaged or are privy to the incredible economic opportunity that exists working with and or for Indigenous communities.

These and for so many other good reasons we at ITFC felt compelled to take action.

Our mission, to provide for Canada’s public and private sector an opt in, online wholistic Indigenous engagement strategy that promotes and advocates for an inclusive and thriving economy.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on a wholistic approach to the building of economic capacity. In Canada our focus is on Indigenous inclusion and engagement. We will connect job seekers with job opportunities, we will mobilize a remote work force and share insights and knowledge that contribute to economic growth. We will promote and share procurement opportunities and shine a light on new suppliers whose reach is only limited by their imagination.

We will make it easy for the smallest to the largest organizations in the country to adapt an Indigenous inclusion and engagement strategy, we will advocate for, promote and participate in collaborations, joint venture and partnerships that beneficially move the economic agendas of both Indigenous and non indigenous members!