Our Mission

It's Time for Change has built a comprehensive and holistic economic capacity building platform. ITFC provides an inclusion and engagement solution for both Canada’s private and public sectors. ITFC provides a unique opportunity to address inclusion and engagement of Indigenous peoples, communities and their business while identifying new economic opportunities and growth for their own business.

Our Mission: Build economic capacity where everyone benefits from an inclusive and engaged economy.

Our Strategy

ITFC will deliver a platform that offers an unprecedented value proposition to Canada’s business community. Among the various functionalities we will afford Canadian businesses the opportunity to be a part of a dialogue with Indigenous people, communities and their businesses. We will promote, advocate, identify and connect human resources that are becoming more accessible through investments and advances in high-speed satellite connectivity. We will deliver pertinent referrals within our end-to-end recruitment functionality with no hidden fees for our members. We will give priority to those who comprise our “supply chain”, promoting them where and when economic activity is relevant to them. We will identifying multiple layers of procurement that the ordinary business is all too often unaware of! We will introduce “preferred vendors” and connections that strategically positions our members for growth.

Its Time for Change recognizes that cost can be a barrier to participation for Indigenous communities . As part of the It's Time for Change national response to the TRC recommendations for economic reconciliation, we will eliminate the cost to participate for all Indigenous community’s coast to coast to coast.

We provide a procurement system that will enhance the buying power of Indigenous communities, develop and promote their workforce, identify opportunities and solicit collaborations and partnerships. We provide a platform for Indigenous Freelancers, Artisans and others who successfully engage in the provision of online services in a trusted and fully e-commerce environment.

We will partner with local, regional and national organizations that aspire to the inclusion and engagement of Indigenous peoples, communities and business. We will work with others to promote the quality of life that all Canadians should enjoy.