The time is now, its time for change!

Now is the time to become engaged!

Engaged in transformational change that will benefit all peoples in all geographic areas of Canada. A strong inclusive and engaged economy benefits everyone. Our platform can and will become the engine of change required to grow economically and as a community. Reports like the National Indigenous Economic Strategy document encourages us to share the path of economic reconciliation. It encourages us to be creative and innovative, not to limit ourselves to a list of recommendations and to share what we are doing so that Indigenous peoples are meaningfully engaged in the economic prosperity of Canada.

Why are we different?

The platform has been designed and developed with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the barriers, challenges experienced by both the Indigenous and non indigenous community when building economic capacity. Inclusion and engagement are the solutions, its time for change is the pathway to shared opportunities!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the leading economic inclusion and engagement platform in Canada! This includes connecting Indigenous people, businesses and communities with non indigenous parties advancing mutually beneficial economic interests.

Our Purpose

We are here to partner, to share, to facilitate and to advocate for economic opportunities where everyone benefits! The platform is a bridge to economic reconciliation while acknowledging the business interests of those involved. Reconciliation must create a more equitable and inclusive society by closing the gaps in social, health and economic outcomes that exist between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians.”

Our Values

Guided by these principles, we will grow, learn and deliver for our members opportunity for their growth and contributions to a healthy sustainable inclusive and engaged Canadian economy

  • A Commitment to Economic Reconciliation
    • Real change needs action not words! The ITFC platform has been designed to facilitate the kind of Indigenous inclusion and engagement we need to create a strong and sustainable economy.
  • Inclusion and Engagement
    • In this context we wish to speak to every business and organization in the country. The sites functionality has been built to accommodate the needs of the smallest business to the largest, for the individual in every part of the country whether they are employed, under-employed, a student or the most successful Freelancer.
  • Collaboration and Accountability
    • We will work with our members and lead by example!
  • Corporate Governance
    • We will measure and report regularly on our Environment, Social and Governance and Indigenous Inclusion goals.

Contact us

Get in touch!

We would like to hear from you. ITFC is a very dynamic platform with something unique for all users, so please reach out to us if you have a question Thank you for your interest in ITFC!