"Building and maintaining sustainable relationships with Indigenous nations and groups is essential to sustainable economic development."

Canada's economic inclusion network is more than just words, more than just another speech at a well attended conference, more than another study or news paper article, this network is the engine of change!

Having a wholistic approach to building economic capacity and offer a powerful, multi-faceted platform capable of changing the trajectory of Indigenous economies across Canada.

Our strategy will be to tell a story of change, real change and facilitate it!

To engage Canada’s business community, we have provided a compelling value proposition! We are providing a “connectivity” with Indigenous Canada that has not been achieved by any other platform.


    Our strategy is based on sharing opportunity and removing barriers that inhibit economic growth.
    It's About :

  • Knowledge sharing and understanding
  • Connecting job seekers to job opportunities
  • Connecting buyers to sellers
  • Building partnerships and collaborations
  • Identifying opportunity and growth

"Making it easy to do the right thing!!"