Mission Statement

Mission: To change in a positive direction the trajectory of Indigenous inclusion and engagement in the economy for the benefit of all Canadians.

Vision: To have ITFC emerge as Canada’s leading platform connecting and facilitating economic inclusion and engagement between non indigenous business interests with Indigenous people, their communities and their business.

Strategy: By offering an unprecedented value proposition ITFC will demonstrate though its multifunctional and holistic approach to building economic capacity that change can be mutually beneficial. With the click of a mouse ITFC can offer an inclusion and engagement strategy to the 94% of Canadian businesses that do not have one.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is therefore to connect people, businesses, communities and organizations to opportunities that generate growth, expand markets, identify long term sustainable initiatives and more!
Along the way we provide a value proposition like no other!

Let’s Take a look...

  • We offer to our members a no cost end to end recruitment solution. Connecting job seekers to job opportunities
  • We provide procurement awareness for goods and services you don’t find in traditional platforms like Merx and others.
  • We provide a platform for the 24% of Canadians who are looking but already employed and seek change
  • We provide exposure to companies within the supply chain!
  • We provide access to Subject Matter Experts (Freelancers) originating from the very communities where growth opportunities are coming from.
  • We provide comprehensive community economic profiles of Indigenous communities facilitating meaningful dialogue while facilitating deep drill down search functionalities that start real conversations.
  • Promote and facilitate “preferred vendors” and facilitate connection requests.

In short ITFC’s multifunctional economic inclusion and engagement platform is a cost effective “off the shelf” inclusion and engagement strategy that can be deployed with the click of a mouse!
YES, there are a billion reasons for the non-indigenous business community to implement our inclusion and engagement strategy