It's Not Fair!

The Federal Government provided $55 Million dollars to 23,000 Southern Ontario businesses to enhance their digital capacity.

But shut the door on Indigenous Business.

Are You?

Any less important than the 23,000 businesses in southern Ontario?

Providing jobs and income to families in your community?

Willing to grow your business through partnership and collaboration?

Part of Canada's economic engine of change?

When you join ITFC you will have a voice and it will be heard!

We know Indigenous business have been impacted hard by the pandemic. We understand that you deal with circumstances that most do not and yet… there are 55,000 +of you.

You provide jobs, put food on the table, create futures and DESERVE a special recognition for doing so!

ITFC is Responding

We Are introducing our own Indigenous Business Economic Stimulus Initiative.

To help grow your business

To help you discover your next opportunity

To help you find work

To help you close your next sale

To hire that next asset

Investing in Indigneous Business!

80% reduction in the annual membership fee

Membership to Googles #1 ranked referral for Indigenous economic inclusion network.

A holistic approach means great value for our members!

Indigenous Business and its growth in the months and years to come is critical. As Governments and organizations talk about the anticipated $100 billion Indigenous economy that fail to mention your role in it!

As we define the Indigenous supply chain, we want all, not 60-70-80-90 % participation, we want Indigenous business to join in droves!

Billions of dollars of infrastructure funding recently announced is a drop in the bucket if they are truly committed to narrowing the infrastructure within Indigenous communities across Canada. Your role and your participation in the post Covid economy starts here.

The Opportunity- An Indigenous led $100 Billion Dollar growth Strategy!

Significant investments in Indigenous Infrastructure

Settlement of major land claims

National Policies that will impact your participation in major resource projects.

A national desire for social and economic development

About ITFC

Its an Indigenous holistic approach to building economic capacity.

We are offering an online tool that will help your business. Just some of the functionalities you will be able to use immediately!

Take advantage of our end-to-end recruitment capabilities.

Utilize procurement functionalities-the way you want.

Access critical alerts and notification of new opportunities.

Reach out to non-indigenous business for partnerships.

Let governments know you are here and ready for business.

Remember this?

“there is no relationship more special than”

ITFC is more than words - We are taking action!

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